About the project:

“35 mm Diaries” is an ongoing project to present a series of photography magazines, or “ZINES,” with the release of a volume or two each year showcasing particular themes from people to abstracts shapes. It is a document of life, a diary, a way to share a vision and transmit emotions. Most of the time these photographs are taken in response to a feeling, or something that calls our emotions, a particular scene, a particular lighting, something noticeable. It is a sentiment of freedom.

“35 mm” refers to the film format of an analog camera used exclusively in these diaries, which slows down the photo-taking process as you can’t see the pictures until after you develop them, making every roll of film precious.
My approach can be described as “taking the time”—taking the time in every sense of the phrase. Taking the time to immerse myself in the environment, taking the time to analyse the situations of life, taking the time to choose the right film negative and taking the time to decide whether it is truly worth taking the picture or not. Then there is the waiting for the image to be revealed in the darkroom, and enjoying the magic of film photography, the end result. Sometimes I may intentionally forget about a roll and then delight in the surprise of developing them and seeing the pictures I’ve taken. It is a very very pleasing feeling.

Ultimately, I see my project as self-therapy against loneliness and the desire to reconnect with organic feelings and real life. Everyone is over-connected nowadays yet we are strangely alone. We are all connected to our phones and social media, but at the end of the day, when we switch off our phones, who do you talk to? What do you share? Do you have something to read? Or something to write? Taking photographs connects me back to the real world. It helps me enjoy living in the moment, be it two hours or a full day. When I shoot pictures, I don’t decide where to go. I leave my phone behind and just hop on the MTR, and through the medium that’s the camera, I create some connection with the people I’m shooting. In that moment of time, I’m there.

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