Originally from Toulouse, France and now living and working in Hong Kong as a full-time photographer, I split my time between commissioned work and personal projects.

My commissioned works span architecture and interiors to portraits, as well as other commercial assignments; I enjoy collaborating across industries, subjects and moods to make your vision come alive, so please reach out for more details.

About the Work

Photography has been a sometimes dizzying journey of exploration as I sought to find my true ‘voice’ as an artist, and has included much experimentation in terms of method, style and subject.

As I first started playing with digital cameras, my initial artistic approach leant towards experimentation and manipulation; it took several years to really sit myself down and begin to understand the purpose of taking pictures—years in which I did not take almost any personal photos as they weren’t able to satiate my new sense of passion and purpose.

Once I began film photography, I understood the approach that my work needed, namely ‘Taking the time.’

This concept sounds simple, but I quite literally needed to ‘take the time’ during those experimental years to consider what really matters to me.

My photography is not about recognition, it’s about self-therapy: does taking this picture make me happy? How much energy, how much of myself, am I willing to put into the project?

I today consider this part of my everyday life, whether I’m documenting the cityscapes that surround me, scenes of daily life in the streets of Hong Kong, or something altogether more abstract yet visually pleasing.

More that just following a trend, film photography has helped me understand that the moment is more important than the picture itself. Life is to be lived and to be enjoyed, and if we are lucky, we are able to freeze small glimpses of its experiences within a frame.


7 Wun Sha Street - 2nd Floor Room F,
Tai Hang, Hong Kong Island (MTR: Tin Hau)

Represented by Voxfire Gallery (NYC - HK)

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Major Projects

#35mm Diaries
Deeply steeped in their unique contradictions and harmonies, urban environments provide the ideal inspiration for street photography, which represents everyday life through a poetic lens. I'm of course very much influenced by the works of Koudelka, Bresson, Kertesz, Kappa, Erwitt, Depardon, and Nabuyoshi Araki.

This project explores the geometric shapes and shadows that surround us, capturing the beautiful details within both the conventional and bizarre. It plays with angles and contrasts to achieve abstract and very aesthetic results, insprired by the works of Takashi Yasumura, Kishin Shinoyama, and Edward Weston. Such fascination can be very subjective, but also quite arresting to the viewer.

The Production Process & Printing

Using film rather than digital photography as I do, I get a lot of questions about the production process—I’m happy to spread the gospel of film! I use vintage cameras such as the Leica M6, Pentax 6x7 and Canon AE1. The choice of negatives depends on time of day, weather conditions and my mood; these all affect whether I feel like shooting colours or black and white, high contrasty or soft textures, scenes of life or shapes.

I collaborate with HK Local Labs for printing using Japanese paper and Piezography printing techniques for my black and white photography.

Film photography takes time and dedication, from the choice of the paper quality to the output size, test prints and final piece. Every single steps is taken with the highest level of care.

Most of the photographs are in limited prints edition (25 in total) and comes in 2 sizes (A4 and A3+), and I encourage you to contact me at Harold@hdp-photography.com (or +852 6461 1483) if you have any questions about my process or my work!