Originally from Toulouse France and now living in Hong Kong. Working with little to no stylistic restrictions of any kind, HDP’s work mirrors his own personality of experimentation and allowing his inspirations speak before all out.
Whether using classic photography or more advanced digital techniques, his works transmit an original yet artistic vision of life.   

"I consider myself being modern yet poetic, funny yet sad, active yet passive....
Evolving in one of the most contrasted environment plays a lot on one’s mood, hence the visual transcription of it remains even stronger
more original and without boundaries...."


(852) 6461 1483

my diary - Street photography in Asia
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7 Wun Sha Street - 2nd Floor room F
Tai Hang
Hong Kong Island (MTR: Tin Hau)

Represented by Voxfire Gallery (NYC - HK)
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About the series:

Behind the lines of shapes and shadows,
we watched reality in its very essence, driven by patience and a strong desire for beauty.
Taking the time, holding the line: patience... What is illusion, what is real?

A fascination with geometric shapes, vibrant colours. A transformation of reality into the abstract and unconventional shapes and compositions.

Between Chaos and Beauty, Confined areas and Spaces, Asian’s Cities are full of paradoxes and contrasts
"Time conception has to be different here, I'm drawn within the stream of people and find myself lost in another dimension, a place I don't control.."

Connection between today and the past. 
Photographs taken at a different time and place.... however there are linked to each other. 
Talking to each other in an original and funny way or in a more subtle way, everyone would see its own interpretation.
Mine is childish and innocent